Foster Care and How We Give Back

Here at Kayla Fox & Co, we love celebrating motherhood. In gratitude, we laugh so hard we pee a little (because, kids!) and we share frustrations and cry a little (because, kids!) Each of us "mothers" in our own way to the best of our ability, and while we may have different styles of parenting, there's one thing we all share: our hearts are forever changed because we really love our kids.



The same heart of mine that forever changed after having kids also breaks every day when I think of the number of kids in the world who don't have parents in their life. Whether they are in the foster care system or have been left as orphans, I look at them and can't help but think of my own kids and how their hearts would hurt so badly if they were in their place. My mama heart wants to do something, but where could I begin?

Here. I am starting here. And you can help.


You see, every time you purchase something from my shop, you play a part in changing the life of a child. Every time you support this shop, you support orphan and foster care ministries who meet the needs of children in tangible ways. Ten percent of all proceeds from our collections will go directly into the hands of local ministries who's mission is to serve the foster care and orphan community.

Not only will you get to become a customer who feels good about purchasing from us, but you will get a behind the scenes look at where your money is going.  I will share updates about how your money is being used to change the lives of innocent kids who need to know someone cares. Together we can make a significant impact in the lives of young people who will hopefully, in turn, grow to do the same.

We can be a generation of mothers who does a mighty, mighty work all because we bought a shirt from a company who cares.

Thank you for being a part of this...your being here means so much to me!