Honey, you were made for this.

Full disclosure: I don't really like sports. (insert gasp here)

If you would have told me 10 years ago that I would create and operate a company based around the love of the game, I would have laughed in your face. Don't get me wrong, I always loved the atmosphere of a stadium and enjoyed going to games with friends, but it was mostly because of the food and the company.

Marrying a coach like mine was no surprise, either. I have always, even back when I was little, pictured myself with a burly, bearded dude who loved fierce competition but was also kind and gentle (it's like Brett was made for me?!) But just a few weeks into our marriage, I found myself wondering if I had what it takes to be a coach's wife.

He was gone a lot. I was lonely. People kept asking me, "How's married life?!" and my initial response was always, "I don't know?" because he wasn't even around. As time went on, we found our groove, but every season I find myself wondering if I still have what it takes. Am I as strong as everyone thinks I am? Can I really raise four kids mostly alone 4 months a year? Can I respond with patience and grace when he's home, but always preparing for the next game? Am I really cut out for this?

And every time, in the midst of the questions and the doubt, I hear a still, small voice that says,

"Honey, you were made for this."

And it's true. I am not a coach's wife by mistake. It was no coincidence that I met Brett right after football season ended and married him right before it began again. It was no accident that we hit it off as quickly as we did and that our goals and dreams in life and love were the same. And frankly, it was no mistake that he was a burly, bearded, kind gentleman, just like I always envisioned.

The same can be said to you. Maybe you're feeling inadequate or inept when it comes to the whole coach's wife thing (or A.D's wife, trainers wife, police mans wife, etc), but girl, listen up: your last name was always meant to be yours, and your call to be your husband's biggest supporter, cheerleader, confidant, lover, and friend was always the plan. God had been doing work behind the scenes long before today to be sure that YOU were the one sitting on the bleachers every week and that YOU were the one caring for those babies while their Daddy worked late. YOU were the one God meant for your husband to come home to to debrief and rest and sleep beside. YOU were always the plan.

And friend, He never meant for you to do it all by yourself. God was the one who came up with this (crazy?) plan to begin with, and He is prepared to be your help all the while. Just like it was Him who lead you to the sidelines to begin with, He is also prepared to lead you in the future. And He's doing things now, today even, to be sure you get there in one piece. Because just like the tree Zacchaeus needed to climb to see Jesus was planted years before he ever grabbed hold of the first branch, so God has already planted His mercies along the road you're walking, and He's given you everything you need to climb high and see Jesus and His goodness and grace. Honey, you were made for this, because He made you and equipped you long before you ever met your coach. He's got you, girl.

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