Forgiveness and Redemption in Marriage

Marriage can be the greatest gift, but what happens when promises are broken?

Karissa Sprinkle shares her story of how God took what appeared to be a hopeless situation and has redeemed it into something more beautiful than anyone could have dreamed possible. As coaches' wives we celebrate marriage but we aren't naive to the fact that betrayal and unfaithfulness is real. I hope today's episode reminds you that God can redeem anything and that He loves you and will lead you with grace and gentleness in all things.

A little about Karissa: 

Karissa is a photographer turned stay-at-home mama to a 3 and half-year-old little girl. She has been married to her husband Cameron for nearly ten years. They live in Noblesville, Indianapolis. Cameron is a former church staff member turned Video Producer. Karissa blogs on the areas of life that are often the most isolated. On her blog, you will find her husband’s infidelity, infertility, PCOS, miscarriage, food addiction, weight, marriage, motherhood, depression….to name a few. 

Key points in this episode: 

  • Karissa’s journey to motherhood
  • The news that rocked her world
  • The grace God gave her to walk through the season of life
  • The starting point to forgiveness
  • Following God’s guidance during a trial
  • Learning what forgiveness is and what it isn’t
  • The healing forgiveness can bring
  • Resources if you find yourself in a similar situation

"Forgiveness is the means to healing"

To connect with Karissa Sprinkle, you can find her:


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