Ask The Coach’s Wife: Balancing Schedules

If it saves you time, money or sanity it's worth it!

Today Kayla answers a submitted question from a fellow coach’s wife. Juggling everyone's schedule is hard no matter what time of the year but especially during the season. Kayla offers grace and insight into balancing the family schedule and doing what it is right for YOUR family. 


Kayla answers a listener submitted question: 

“Hey Kayla, Love the community you’ve built here! One question I’m struggling with is how to balance football life with my two daughter’s after school activities. They’re 7 and 5 so just starting to get into the swing of having their own thing. We’re a very involved school pride family. I coach volleyball at the high school as well. I struggle with the guilt and stress of balancing being pulled in different directions. I’d love any advice you can give!”

Keep pouring into the lives of your people in a way only you can, but don’t be afraid to set boundaries or ask for help.

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