When Coaches’ Wives Feel Forgotten

God knew how much we needed him: He loves us and never forgets us.

Coaches’ wives often are busy doing behind the scenes work. We’re taking care of all the mundane tasks so Coach can focus on his team. And if we’re being honest, we are exhausted and we often feel overlooked, unimportant, and forgotten. Today Kayla shares how the story of Christmas meets us right where we’re at as coaches’ wives and how we can cling to the promise that God didn’t forget about us.


Key points mentioned in this episode: 

  • Encouragement for coaches’ wives
  • The frustration of feeling stuck in the shadow of your husband’s career
  • No glory in all of the behind the scenes work
  • The understanding of feeling lonely, dismissive, and unseen
  • The One who never forgets us

Knowing full well how forgotten and lonely we would feel at times, maybe God’s story of redemption and rescue was meant to speak especially to our hearts.

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