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Coaches’ wives are the ultimate girl gang, and purchasing from each other is one super simple way we can stand united as a team.

We are highlighting coaches’ wives’ businesses today and talking about the importance of both shopping small AND supporting coaching families. Tune in today as we highlight a few of our coaches’ wives businesses, then check out the entire Coaches’ Wives Business Directory on our website.

Businesses Featured Today: 

Maggie Schuyler- ZYIA activewear

Maggie is married to Josh and they have a 3.5 year old little boy Steve who is the spitting image of his dad :) They live in Acworth Georgia where Josh coaches the o line at their local high school. Maggie sells ZYIA activewear. ZYIA is an active lifestyle brand that offers athletic wear (& athleisure wear) for women, men, kids and juniors. And I don’t know about you, but 2020 has me LIVING in athleisure, that’s for sure! ZYIA  encourages and embraces activity with excitement, vigor and delight. They feel that pushing our bodies and minds is easier and frankly  more fun with friends and family.  Maggie is a a busy wife and mom herself, and she lives in her athletic wear. She was so excited to discover ZYIA had the quality of clothing she was looking for, without the hefty price tag because you know, coach’s budget. The first time she tried on a pair of ZYIA leggings, she fell in love with the fit and the feel, while her coach just liked the way her booty looked. They release new clothing EVERY single Wednesday and have clothes that fit and flatter every body, sizes 0-20 for women and s-3xl for men. Maggie loves these clothes and more than that, she loves helping women find comfy, beautiful clothes they love, too. All of her links are listed in our shownotes, including her website and Instagram and Facebook group. This week she is offering $5 off for coach’s wife podcast listeners’ first order! Just follow her on instagram or facebook and message her “the coach’s wife podcast” for a coupon code! She’s excited to help you and get to know you more!

People can get more information about Zyia and our amazing athletic wear line online at 

Follow her on Instagram at @magszyiastyle or join her Facebook group at

Beverly Philips- Life Coach Next is Beverly Philipps

Bev is one of the most compassionate humans you’ll ever meet. She and her husband have been married for 18 years and have 2 incredible kiddos. Her husband is a football Strength & Conditioning Coach which she says allows her family to see different parts of our country. (See what she did there? Always looking at the bright side!) They have been in the collegiate sports world for over 10 years and have recently moved to the state of Washington to join the Seahawk Family.

Beverly is also a coach, with a focus of more inner work. As a personal development coach, she supports coaches’ wives who struggle with loneliness, burnout, and uncertainty by teaching them methods to stay grounded and centered through constant transition. She said, “My clients come to me when they feel overwhelmed by the unknown, and what they gain in our coaching is empowerment… empowerment over mindset and self-compassion.”

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in this lifestyle? We all deserve to be heard and to receive wisdom and discernment, and I’m telling you, Bev is your girl. I got to talk with her quite a while on the phone one afternoon and she is the real deal.

When preparing for this segment, Bev said, “If there is one message I want to convey to coaches’ wives across the globe, it is this: You are not alone wherever your physical body may be. I may not know your name just yet, but  when our paths do cross, I will hear you… I will see you.. and I love you already.”

If you need someone to talk to, reach out to her. She is lovely and understands this wild life of ours firsthand. Check out her website >>

Angie Green -Simple Fashion

Angie is married to Shawn, head boys Varsity basketball coach in Ohio. They have 3 kids, Anna,  Kinley, and JJ and she has been the owner of Simple Fashion for 5 years!

She Was a dance teacher for over 20 years then decided to start her own businesses because she loved boutique clothing but as we all know, coaches and teachers aren't rich.

She was committed to offering boutique clothing at affordable prices.

She said, “Running my business in my home saves me on overhead cost so I can offer all those same boutique clothing at better prices because I turned my husband's man cave into my store and working space. He is (mostly) gladly gave up his space so I could pursue my dreams since I gave up my dance studio so we could move and be closer to his school and program.”

Simple Fashion can dress you head to toe in the most comfortable outfits that you will find yourself reaching for in the closet time and time again. She offers pieces that you can wear with so many other items and mix and match to give you the most for your money. If you are looking for the basics for everyday or that special outfit for a special occasion, Simple Fashion has it!

Simple Fashion offers all the best boutique brands PLUS they just debuted their very own brand last month!

The best part of Simple Fashion is Angie uses it as a platform to encourage others and to remind others they aren't alone and we all have a purpose. She loves reminding her followers daily, that we wake up with the choice everyday to grab our JOY or to leave it. She believes God gives us joy every day and that we just have to take it!

If you are looking for something new for yourself or a friend this season, check out Angie on Facebook and Instagram. She does a lot of live sales and she’s so fun and sweet to watch, I really think y’all are gonna love her.

Beth Walker- Lessons from the Sidelines 

Beth and her husband Ordell will celebrate 20 years of marriage this June. He is a football coach in Central IL. They have two sons who are 15 and 13. Beth works as a Content Strategist and leads an In-House writing team and she works closely with co-workers to ensure all the content at her marketing agency tells each client's unique story. Beth is the author of Lessons from the Sidelines and it’s a book EVERY coach’s wife should read, regardless of how long you’ve been in the game, your faith, your’s so good. Because here’s the deal...public life can be lonely, even when you are living on mission. We all need a cheerleader from time to time, and Lessons from the Sidelines aims to be just that. As the wife of a football coach, Beth encourages women whose families are in the public eye to pursue their own callings even as they support their husbands’ careers and ministries. We all have a calling or a passion we long to pursue. In Lessons from the Sidelines, Beth shares her personal stories as well as interviews with other women who are also living just outside their husbands' limelight. Each story shows how we can cheer our husbands' on as they chase their dreams and still thrive in the sweet spot of our own callings. Lessons from the Sidelines is available on Amazon or Cross Training Publishing. Don't forget to download the free resources Beth offers to go along with the book. You can find those on her website 

Spencer Dennis- Sunny Side Designs Co

She is a high school teacher in Fort Worth Texas! Her fiancé’s name is Blake and he coaches at Lovejoy High School in Lucas, Texas! They are currently #6 in the state! How fun is that?! She met Blake when they worked at the same school and the football players she had in my class insisted that she meet their single coach! They met and he proposed at the last game of the season and are getting married in March! How adorable is that. Anyway, Spencer is the owner of Sunny Side Designs Co. She 

Is a super talented artist whose work is sure to bring so much joy to anyone who purchases. Fun fact: she was once featured on Jamie Lynn Spears’ Instagram story! She loves doing custom illustration, so she takes any photo you’d  like and she’ll turn it into a custom drawing! She especially loves doing illustrations of coaches and their wives celebrating a big win! Once you place your order, she sends the final product digitally so there is no wait for shipping and they can be downloaded and used however the person wishes including put in canvases, blankets, phone backgrounds, etc! Everything in her shop is hand drawn on her iPad. She also creates decals and faith based tees that are beautiful! Seriously, go check it out, and order yourself something beautiful for Christmas this year! 

Sunny Side Design Co

Lindsey Harvey - Monat

She and her husband live in Hutto, TX, which is near the Austin area. He is the defensive coordinator at Hutto High. They have two boys who are 11 and 8. Lindsey and her husband are both teachers full time, but she also took up a business on the side as a market partner for MONAT hair, skin and wellness company! As a former hair stylist myself, I LOVE this brand and their products, too! Lindsey told me how It is the # 1 selling premium haircare company in the nation! All the products she sells are non toxic, vegan and leaping bunny approved. Their hair products use the best botanical and essential oils. There is something referred to as liquid gold found in almost all of their products, the Rejuvenique oil, and it penetrates to the inner most core of the hair and heals the hair from the inside out! Most salon and store bought products are topical and work as band aid to cover hair instead of heal it! So this is a really great option for anyone who is tired of the same results and ready for some real change in their hair. Monat products are good for all hair types and ethnicities! They are safe for kids, (we even have a safe pet care line!) MONAT is for damaged, dry, thinning, curly, and even healthy hair! Maybe you’ve been struggling with your hair or maybe you’ve been slowly making the switch to more clean, healthy products in your home...Monat is a great place to start, and Lindsey is your girl. Her website is and she can also be found on Instagram @lindsey_harvey or you can join her Facebook group at Nourishing My Heart and Hair.

Nicole Kyle - Level

She grew up as a coach’s daughter and is now a proud coach’s wife in DeRidder Louisiana. She and her husband are both teachers and he is currently the Athletic Director, Defensive back coach, AND head track coach at Rosepine High School. They have 6 children-3 grown bonus children for Nicole  with 4 grandchildren and then 3 children of theirs together. 

After years of feeling overworked and fatigued as a coach’s wife, mom, teacher, etc, she was feeling burnt out and had had enough. She believes God always knows what we need and sends it to us right on time. On September 9, 2015 she asked her husband if he had thought about her birthday gift that year. After 16 years of being married to a coach and having a birthday during football season she already knew the answer. :) She told him she wanted them to start Thrive by Le-Vel, and it has changed their lives. She now spends her days serving men and women like us, teaching them how 3 simple steps in the first 30 minutes of our day could make such a difference. Because within just 3 days, they were noticing a difference. They slept better, woke up refreshed and well rested, had more energy, less aches and discomforts and could make it through the entire day without needing a nap. By day 10 they were craving less and less unhealthy choices in our diet and wanted better options. They had more to offer each other and their family and have benefitted from their choice over the last six years. If you are ready to take that step toward living healthier and happier Nicole would love to help you! You can visit her website listed in our show notes or reach out to her by phone or email, both also listed in our show notes for easy access!

You can learn more by visiting her referral link at:

You can reach out to her by

  • Phone: 337.348.1500
  • Email:

Laura Johnson - Young Living

She and her college baseball coaching man live in Portland OR. They have 4 kids and she sells Young Living. Contrary to popular belief, her company offers more than just essential oils. Skin care, makeup, baby and childrens products, etc, she offers the highest quality pure products so you don’t have to compromise for your family.  One thing she loves about Young Living is that they work every day to empower underserved communities by offering a hand up, not a hand out. Fighting human trafficking, rebuilding communities in Nepal, tackling critical issues in Uganda, and helping our local communities are all top priorities of Young Living. You can talk to Laura about becoming a member and enjoy a 24% discount on your orders!  Laura would love to talk to you and help you take the first steps towards a new lifestyle! 

Jamey Simpson 

Jamey and her husband, Kenny, have been married for 19 years. He’s coached for all 19 of those years and has been a head football coach for the past 14. Early on, we bounced around and had three kiddos in three different cities. They currently live in Arkansas with their daughter and two sons and they are coaching a 6A football team. One really cool thing they do is organize a coaches clinic geared toward families that takes place on a cruise! Sign me up.

Jamey is a graphic designer and she designs schedule posters, gameday graphics, media guides, memory books, team logos, player promotions, and anything else needed. She has worked  with several different coaches and teams all over the country. She offers different packages that are all inclusive, as well as a la cart graphics as needed. 

During quarantine earlier this year, Jamey took the opportunity to write and illustrate a children’s book Have You Ever Seen A Noopadoop, which encourages kids to use their creativity and imagination. You can purchase through Amazon or by clicking the link in our shownotes! So whether you’re looking for a new book for your child this Christmas, needing graphics done for your team, or you want to learn more about that cruise, check Jamey out!

I speak on behalf of all of us running our own businesses, thank you thank you thank you for your support and loyalty towards us!

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