Declutter Your Calendar Series Finale

Minimalism isn’t an aesthetic as much as it is a mindset

Kayla wraps up the decluttering series in this episode with a challenge to now apply the same principles we uncovered about our homes to our calendar and every day life. How can we keep things simple and less hectic in our schedules? Is it even possible as coaches’ wives? Tune in and learn why Kayla thinks this is achievable, even in this profession.

Key points mentioned in this episode: 

  • Recap of the decluttering series
  • The decluttering process takes TIME
  • Savor the process
  • Set a realistic goal at a realistic pace
  • Focus on your things and spaces if others are not on board yet
  • Apply the same principles to your calendar
  • There should be something everyday that you look forward to and enjoy
  • Just because something is good, doesn’t mean we have to be involved in it
  • What you gain from allowing yourself freedom, space, and joy in your calendar

Have you ever stopped and looked at your calendar and thought, “Do I even want to do this?”

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