Decluttering Kids Toys

Envision a calm, peaceful space where there is no distraction or mess, and move closer to this image of where you want to be

Today Kayla is joined by her sister, Kortney Carey, as they continue the conversation about decluttering our houses to reclaim peace at home. The challenge this week is to declutter kids toys and simplify their play spaces. They walk you through where to start and explain the benefits of minimizing the amount of things in your home to care for.

Meet Kortney Carey:

Kortney Carey is a wife, mom of two, hair stylist, and owner of Bakery Tee Co, a t-shirt shop that celebrates bakers and teaches them how to leverage social media to grow their businesses. But her favorite title is Kayla’s little sister. :) She loves spending time in her simplified home with her family, her dog, and her chickens. 

Key points mentioned in this episode: 

  • The pitfalls of living in a cluttered space
  • The benefits of maintaining a clutter-free space, specifically on our children
  • Tips to scale back the number of toys for younger children
  • The toys that are easiest to get rid of
  • What to consider when deciding to keep toys
  • Simplify your childrens’ rooms without worrying about what they look like
  • Thoughts on toy rotation
  • By minimizing toys, there is more exploring and getting creative outside
  • Introduce a physical boundary for toys that acts as the “bad guy”
  • How much involvement should kids have in the decluttering process
  • Thoughts on gift-giving at Christmas
  • How to start living with less

Tune in to this week’s episode for the weekly challenge and a couple of tips to make the challenge easier!

"Recognize there's always more coming into your home, and if you don’t do something with what's already inside, you and your kids will be overwhelmed"

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