Discovering Your Role on the Team as the Coach's Wife

We aren’t coaches’ wives by mistake, ladies. Together, let’s learn how to find our role and own it.

Do you sometimes feel inadequate in your role as a coach’s wife? Do you hear all of the things that other wives’ do and start to think you aren’t good enough or you aren’t doing enough? Trust me, I’ve been there before. But, instead, let's call out all of the lies and bust down all of the barriers that keep us from feeling like we don’t know our place. 

In this episode, I like about my own journey as a coach’s wife, the expectations I put on myself in the beginning, and why I was setting myself up for a life of comparison instead of joy. I hope to leave you with encouragement and practical tips to find your own place as a coach’s wife. Stop comparing yourself to those you look up to and take a realistic look at your own gifts and what your current season of life looks like. 

Key points in this episode:

  • The expectations and desires I set for myself at the beginning of my journey as a coach’s wife
  • How the season of life you are in impacts the way you serve the team
  • Evaluate your gifts. What are you good at? What do you love to do?
  • What does the bible say? How do the seasons of our lives and our different talents and gifts impact our roles as coaches’ wives?
  • Praying for the team
  • Finding your place as a coach’s wife in your community
  • Don’t overcomplicate your call as a coach’s wife

"I just knew I had a place as a coach’s wife, and it didn’t seem to be the same as other coaches’ wives around me."

Scripture mentioned in this episode:

  • Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 
  • Romans 12:6-8 
  • Hebrews 4:16 


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