Tackling Clutter in Kitchens and Living Spaces

By getting rid of the excess, we are freeing ourselves from the clutter

Today Kayla is joined by her sister, Kortney Carey, as they continue the conversation about decluttering our houses to reclaim peace at home. The challenge this week is to start decluttering kitchen cabinets and counters as well as living spaces like family rooms and lofts. They walk you through where to start and explain the benefits of minimizing the amount of things in your home to care for.

Meet Kortney Carey:

Kortney Carey is a wife, mom of two, hair stylist, and owner of Bakery Tee Co, a t-shirt shop that celebrates bakers and teaches them how to leverage social media to grow their businesses. But her favorite title is Kayla’s little sister. :) She loves spending time in her simplified home with her family, her dog, and her chickens. 

Key points mentioned in this episode: 

  • Organizing is a temporary fix, not a long-term solution
  • Minimalism is a mindset, and not an aesthetic or style of the home
  • We are not using most items in our home, but shuffling, storing, or moving them around
  • Kitchen tips: what to keep and what needs to go 
  • Spend more quality time with family and less time cleaning by having less items in the home
  • Address your own clutter first before clearing away your spouse or kids items
  • Create a boundary for toys
  • Set up systems in the living room to keep clutter away and free up more space
  • Benefits of decluttering, including having less stress and being a better version of yourself
  • Re-evaluate what you are caring for in your home so you are only caring for the things you really love 
  • Take time in the beginning to sort through everything, and reap the benefits long-term

Tune in to the episode to hear the challenge for the week and a couple of tips to make the challenge easier!

“It’s not that I need to organize more; it’s that I have to actually remove things from my home.”

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