How to Reclaim Peace in Your Home This Season

I was drowning in responsibilities. Everywhere I turned, something needed my attention.

In the midst of the chaos of a busy coaching season, it’s easy to find ourselves overwhelmed by our responsibilities. Especially at home. Our house during football season is usually a dumping ground for everyone as we’re running in and out all of the time. Join me today as I talk about the steps I’ve taken to reclaim peace and efficiency in our home this season, so that my family can spend our time together doing what we want to do instead of cleaning and organizing all the time.

Key points mentioned in this episode: 

  • What sparked the decision to begin getting rid of stuff
  • Resources that helped to get back control of our stuff
  • Introduction to the new decluttering series over the next few weeks on the podcast. 

“I wasn’t drowning in my responsibilities as a coach’s wife; I was drowning in my stuff”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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