Bleacher Coaches-How to Deal with Critical Fans

Don’t confuse disagreeing with what’s happening in the game for hating your husband.

Today we are talking about the ever loving bleacher coaches that have been hurtful and how we can respond to them. Criticism is everywhere in this field but it can still catch us off guard. We can prepare in advance how we will respond so we respond with self control and confidence.

Key points mentioned in this episode: 

  • What to do about the fans in the stands
  • Responding vs Reacting to what they are saying
  • The different ways to respond
  • Approaching the comments with discernment
  • When fans are attacking the ref or a player
  • When fans are attacking the character of your husband or other coaches on staff
  • Dear Fans in the Stands blog post. You can read it HERE


"If only they knew the number of hours the staff has poured into preparing for this game. If only they knew what was actually going on in the lives of the players themselves and how sometimes a kid is gonna play his worst game, because he just had his worst week. That seems to be forgotten about in the stands."


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