Game Day with Kids

Every kid is different and every sport and space is different.

Today we are talking about game day with the kiddos. I’m asked all the time about how I take my 4 little kids to games and what I recommend so I’m excited to broadcast my answers now in hopes to make new moms or other moms of little’s lives a little easier. I’ll be sharing all about what I typically bring to each game and how it’s evolved over the years.

Find out why I always leave empty space in my game day bag, and why you should, too.

Key points mentioned in this episode: 

  • Why I take my kids to all the games

  • My tried and true top tips for items to bring into the games

  • Protecting the home team


“See, the thing I think is missing from the conversation about kids and ballgames is grace. Space to screw up. Room to forget the snacks and diapers”


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