Worried About Your Season?

Because as powerful and ugly as this virus is, it pales in comparison to how powerful and beautiful our God is.

2020 and COVID 19 have taken a lot of things from us. Consider this episode the ultimate mic drop on all things coronavirus, coaching, and perspective. I break down how I believe God wants us to respond to the pandemic as coaching families and just as human beings. We take a look at Jeremiah 29 and writings by CS Lewis. I hope it encourages you today!

Key points mentioned in this episode: 

  • The stress the uncertainties has brought

  • Coronavirus and our response 

  • The battle has been won already

  • What the bible has to say

  • CS Lewis writings

  • Picking ourselves up after the heartbreak

Bible verses mentioned in this episode:

  • Jeremiah 29

“But promise me, when you’re done, you will pick yourself up and be the human God created you to be. Seek Him and experience the joy He offers us.”

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