Preparing for Season

Truth is, over the years, I’ve recognized that some of my most stressful football seasons were the ones where we just dove right in without giving it much thought.

Today I'm sharing my favorite things to do to help prepare for football season. Over the years I've learned if I take the time to do a few things in the weeks leading up to kick off, our season tends to be less stressful for me, so today I'm passing on all that I do to you!

Key points in this episode: 

  • Things to take into consideration when planning for the season
    • Day to day schedule
    • How often you want to leave the house
    • How you want to spend your time when Coach is home
  • The things I do the last few weeks before football season to help our season go smoother
    • Freezer meal prep
    • Wrap up projects at home
    • Ask for help
    • Use Amazon Prime and Instacart
    • Stock up on supplies (paper plates, toilet paper, gatorade, diapers, etc)
  • Importance of keeping the home team happy 

"Making your marriage a priority is CRITICAL to your success."

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