Victim or Victor? Decide today what next season looks like!

I just want normal life and I want to see our stands packed with fans every weekend.

Every day is full of choices. Even in this season of life with coronavirus and upcoming school years and new seasons, there is so much already up against us. But we have to decide today how we are going to respond when troubles come (and they will). What will we choose?

Key points in this episode: 

  • The uncertainty of the Fall season
  • How we will respond this season?
  • Victim or Victor?
  • Lean on the Lord in the uncertainties of this season

Scripture mention in this episode: 

  • Lamentations 3:22-24 

“Your next season is coming, and not a day of it will come to us without running through the hands of our God who cherishes us. He is ready and waiting to lavish His grace and mercies upon us this season.”

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