Moving as a Coaching Family

We trusted Him. We trusted Him when we walked away from our new house. We trusted Him when He led us to our new house.

We're coming up on a year since we sold our house and made our first move as a coaching family. Today I'm talking about everything we've loved about moving and what we wish we would have done differently. I am also sharing with you my top moving tips. 

Key points in this episode:

  • Why we decided to move
  • The process of selling our house and buying our new house
  • What I learned from the process
  • A reminder to trust in the Lord 
  • The importance of finding community in your new town

"If you are about to move for the first time or even if it’s your 100th time, I hope this episode encourages you and gives you hope that you will soon feel at home again."

My top moving tips:

  1. Get a realtor you trust. 
  2. Throw everything away/sell as much as you can before you even list
  3. If you have a house to sell, ask a realtor to come over and give you pointers.
  4. Be picky if you’re buying a house.
  5. Hire movers. 
  6. Don’t wait to get settled. 
  7. If you have neighbors, get to know them.
  8. Find a church. 
  9. Put yourself out there. 




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