A Podcast For Coaches' Wives

Yay! Our first official episode of The Coach's Wife Podcast! I am so excited you tuned in to start this journey with us!

Episode 1: A Podcast for Coach's Wives

In this episode, I introduce myself, Kayla Fox, and explain my heart behind this podcast. I'm a coach's wife myself, and one thing that's always fascinated me is, even though our coaches tend to have so much in common with one another, their wives are always all so different from each other across the board!

We are a unique group of women with a unique calling on our lives, both as coaches' wives and individuals. This podcast is here to celebrate that fact and to encourage coaches' wives and any other listeners to step into their calling and experience the joy of doing what they were created to do.

Throughout this podcast, whether we have a guest or it's just me, we will be deep diving into different aspects of our lives as coaches' wives. We will take some time to see what the Bible says about that specific aspect. Then we will try to break down some practical take-away's so we can feel more equipped and confident each day.

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Key Points is this episode: 

  • My answer to the question "What do you wish you would have known BEFORE marrying a coach?"
  • The unique opportunities present when you are married to a coach
  • The bigger calling of football
  • Are you going to fight your calling as a coach's wife? Or are you going to embrace it?

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