Coach's Wife's Kitchen: BBQ Chicken Sliders

This recipe is from my sister in law. She brought it over to us after we had one of our babies, and I was HOOKED. Here is the free printable version to add to your cookbook!



It's so simple and effortless, which is the only kind of meal I'm talented enough to whip up, so it's a staple in our house, especially during football season!

I've learned the best way to make feeding large groups of people without spending a fortune is to have LOTS of sides! Meat can be so expensive, so I like to go all out on what to pair meat with. For this recipe, I focus on large buns (all that extra bread will help fill them up faster!) and filling sides, like sweet potatoes (add a little butter and cinnamon!) and macaroni and cheese. They walk away full and you still have money left in your bank account :)

Let us know what you think in the comments below!! Did you love it? Tweak the recipe? I want to know!

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