Three Easy Ways to Save Money TODAY!

"We are in it for the money!" said no coach's wife ever. :)

While my Coach spends his days figuring out how to maximize his team's talent to win, I spend my time learning how to stretch every dollar we make. It used to cause me stress, but now it's actually kind of fun! I have about a bajillion money saving tips I've learned over the years that I'm working on sorting out for you in the near future, but for now I want to teach you just three simple tips that will help you start saving money TODAY!

Without further ado:

  1. You can save SO much money when it comes to food. And you don’t even have to coupon! We have been trying to ONLY go to the grocery store every other week. So of course when we go, we stock up, but getting scrappy those last couple of days saves us big dollars. If we need something and it is on sale, we stock up and buy about 5-6 weeks worth because food generally goes on sale every 5-6 weeks. That way we never have to pay full price for something! We also pack our lunches and snacks. Don’t buy the lie that every meal needs to be a three course meal (peanut butter & jelly with grapes make a GREAT lunch for your kids!). When you are extra conscious and practice money saving tips like these, savings add up quickly!
  2. Keep a running list on your phone of things you NEED. I’ll add things like toilet paper, batteries, hand soap, q-tips, etc. Then, when you shop, even if you find “good deals” on something, remember, if it’s not on your list, it’s not money you should spend. I even do this when it comes to clothes. If I need a new pair of tennis shoes, and I come across a great deal on sandals, buying those sandals would only take money away from the shoes I need to buy. So stick with your list!
  3. Speaking of shopping, shop for things you NEED using Rakuten (the new Ebates). I used to think it was too good to be true, until my checks started coming in the mail! Guys, this is stupid easy. Whenever you need to purchase something online, enter the store name on their website first (you can even link your card for in store purchases as well!)  They’ll send you directly to that site for you to shop like usual. When you’re done shopping, they’ll add money to your account. That’s it! I told you it was stupid easy. You get $10 just for signing up AND you can get $25 referral bonuses! Shameless plug: if you’re interested, you can sign up using my link here. But seriously, I’m telling everyone they should be doing this. We are putting all of our checks into a vacation fund for next year! What could you do with yours!?

So that's it for now! Think about what you're spending on food, stick to your list, and when you have to buy something, get a free rebate!! We all know how hard we work for our money...let's be wise with how it's spent!

What are simple things your family does to save money!?! I always love hearing other tried and true methods! Comment below!

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