If You Give a Coach a Cookie

If you give a Coach a cookie, he’ll need a napkin to go with it.

The napkin would make a perfect place to jot down a play, so now he will need a pen.

He pens up a game winning play and he texts a picture to his coaches with his phone.

After he sends the message, he checks the scores and notices a really close game on tv, so now he needs the remote.

The commercials remind him there’s a great deal on pants at Dick’s Sporting Goods, so he looks for his keys.

On his way home from the store, he remembers he needs to stop at the field house to pick up some equipment.

The field house needs organized so Coach starts sorting jerseys and equipment when he gets a call from his wife.

“It’s late,” she says. “The kids want you to tuck them in.”

So he finishes up and hurries home to kiss his kids goodnight.

And as he tucks them in his kids ask for a cup of milk.

He pours them their milk and then a glass for himself.

And of course, now that he has milk, he’ll need a cookie to go with it.

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