Six Ways to get ready for Football Season

How can I possibly be thinking about this already? As a football coach's wife, it seems that season never actually ends. It just...shifts a little. So now we have shifted to the summer schedule and in just a matter of weeks, the first official football practice will be in progress. What in the actual world?

Surprisingly enough, I really do love football season. Sure, the hubs is gone A LOT and I grow a little weary come October, but I love watching him do what he was made to do. And it's actually fun to have some time with just the kids, doing what we want to do. But I've learned I go into the fall with a much better attitude if I have taken some time to prepare for the insanity ahead.

So, now that football season is approaching, I've taken the time to jot a few ideas down that I think will help as kickoff grows near. I'm excited to share them with you to maybe inspire you, as well as hear what YOU like to do as well!! So here we go!

  • Stock up! On everything. Toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates (because the less dishes to wash, the better!), dog food (big bags are hard to fit in a cart around the baby!), diapers, wipes, soap, etc. Basically my goal is to only have to leave the house if we need groceries. This cuts down on constant errands with the kids alone and allows more time doing what we want to do!
  • Prepare things to donate...and actually donate them! Am I the only one who has bags for Goodwill in the trunk for months?! Things pile up quickly, and let's be real, CHRISTMAS will be here as soon as you're done reading this! So make room for new and enjoy having less to pick up this fall!
  • School supplies. My big kids are in preschool so thankfully they don't need much. But I'm amazed at how quickly stores run out of basic supplies! We like to purchase what we need over the summer and set them aside until we need them. Again, one less trip to take!
  • Freezer meals. I am confident y'all are better meal planners than me. But even I can manage to do this one. I try to prepare at least 10-12 meals for the fall. I figure it's one less meal I have to prepare each week, and, especially with another baby on the way, I'll do whatever it takes to make life even just a little easier!
  • Yard work. HA! Is it possible to ever really be finished?! I think what I really mean is that we go out of our way to get all caught up before August. Weeds pulled, things power washed, broken branches burned, etc. We all know we will fall behind soon enough, but we like to have at least a few weeks where things look pretty good!
  • Make your "Honey-Do" list...and keep it VISIBLE. There are always things I think about during the school year that I could use Coach's help on, but I know he's just too busy until school is out. So I write it down (things like: pull this down from the attic, rearrange this room, move the hutch over there, etc). (Basically, I just like watching the hubs get hot and sweaty ;) ) Once it's written, it goes on the refrigerator and we attempt to check off one or two things each week!

Just for saying so, I realize I've nearly completely contradicted myself when I share this list but also talk about slowing down and enjoying time with your family. :) For me, the family time comes first. I will not say no to a barbecue or time swimming with the kiddos to accomplish things on this list. However, there is plenty of time at home when the kids aren't fighting or climbing anything dangerous that I can knock a little of this out at a time. So that's my plan. A little at a time, a little each week. It's the best I can do!

What about you?! Do you have any summer "to-do's" to check off before school and sports roll around again!? Any tips for me this next month as I begin to tackle a lot of this!? Please share in the comments!


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  • Freezer Meals
    Stocking up on all the basics [paper products etc]
    Big laundry prep
    Marriage Retreat

    && Coach Husband stocks the freezer with blue bell ice cream pints for me to eat my feelings with.


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