How Coaches Balance Team and Family

Here’s to the coaches who are also fathers.

We see you trying to find a balance between your work and home life, and know how hard it is on you to feel like you can never give both 100% at the same time.

You spend your days caring for the kids on your team and loving them like your own, then you come home and love your own kids like they’re all you’ve got.

On the field you’re calling plays and at home you’re calling the pediatrician.

On the court you stand on the side and show your kids how to win the game. At home you sit by their side and show them how to win at life.

We see your big love of the game and smile because we know it’s not near as big as your love for us.

We know how much it kills you when you have to miss out on the kids’ firsts. We see you trying to sneak in precious moments with the kids, even if it’s wrestling around with them right before bedtime. (So THAT'S why they do that!!)

We see the work you do behind the scenes, learning how to be a better, more effective leader for both your team and your family.

We hear the passion in your voice when you talk about your team, and we experience the tenderness of your soul when you pray with the kids as you tuck them in.

Being a coach's wife is hard, but we recognize it's hard for you too. You’ll never feel like you do enough for both your team and your family. You'll always feel the tension, being pulled from one to the other. But rest assured, when all else fails, everything you are is enough for us.

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